hi stopid my name is peroda i mean pedro, i make this is my hompag about a new game for computer  
     caled "a scerets of monkeys island 4. its called 4 because its number four in series and i -play other  
     monkeys island games are good. i liek mionkey island because its funny and makes me monkeys island  
     4 isnt been released yet but it comes oiut in month or two iun america, so i mayube get it in year otr  
     two. monkeys isl nad 4 is by the game company caled lucart, and they make outher monkeys ilsand  
     games too that arent very good. i make this hompage about monkeys island four before its released???  
     well thats becasue i know some many other hompages will me sent gfgrom God to other poeple, so i  
     make my monkies page before they do and i get more hits site have sreenshot and  
     storie ancd picture and infomaton nad all good you lvoe jesus and you go to now nad,, adsj.


monkeY ISLAND 4# NEWS!! 

you go here is where i write what news and monkey ilsand rumors are. perdo give the latest on all monj island news, like when it be released and whtat is like and Sarah is the queen of my turban, shes even prettyier than vishnu and i marry her and give her ,much housework to keep busy with, so click on picture to the right to see newest moONkey island 4 news!!!!


at this are some screenshots of mokneys ilsand 4 for you to see and good graphics to know whether its beter than first ones. monkeys islands 1 and 2 sucked my camels balls becuase  the grahpics were stoopid. monkey ilands 3 graphics were okayu but still sucky because they werent in 3d so they sucked...monkey ilsand 4 will be in 3d so i know its good game i can always tell good game by whether is 3d. you click on the right to see picturs of monker island 4!!!!!! 
pedros monkey ilsand 4 scum bar exculsive intraview!!!!
i have do interview with JoN GILBER!!! the maker of original monkeys island #1, and island #3!! number two was no gilbertm, but with some fatasshole is why it sucked so muhcm, but jon gilbert is head guy to make monkey island 4!! i call hjim on tlephone because hes my freind and i do iunterview nad ask questoin about monkesy island 4 jand whyat kind of car he diruhve and how hot is Sarah. he say pedro, pedro, i answer all your question, and click on picture to the right to read a th interview!!

  filthy amerijca sux my cock?!!!! i see amercian i shoot him on spot! stoopid clinton is son of a beggar! he thinkn he so tough withi his "deomocacy and "freedom, well i say hes dumb! americans are all snjned up, there women dont even have to wear veils!!! i bet soon they even let women show thier ankles wihtout being punished the dumb america so stoopid i kick clintons fat ass, he dont even worshoip in temple


cilck on piture to go to my monkesy island 4 posting board1!!! you go here post message tro ther people and they read and tlakkk back. you can post message about monkeys island 4 and other monksys iland and Sarah is resally prettyh and im going to marryh her and we have biggest elephants in all khazakstan for the ceremony and i gibe her gold and rubies and lots of veils
this is here I write monkeys ilsand storie about monkeys island that stars man named goybrush and hes stoopid and tries to be a pirate but he sux and i write storie.  my freind naranja told me that goybrush is american but i say if that was true we'd need to shoot his teslticlas off becaujse americans nsjl.m and goybrush is in love with lady named eliane, but eliane thinks hes stoopid just like im in Sarah and she says Pedro burn in hell for eternity but i know Sarah wants me cause nobondy say no to pedor or they be sorry, click on picture above to see myy monkeys island stories a!!
heres this my section about Sarah shes i want to marry and have many childern and shes so lovly and devine i renounce vishnu just to holkdj her hand and kiss and i call our first child Maraju, and uor secnd one Shrakvar, and our third one Zarabu, and i let her pick name fro the other ten. i make page abuot her becuase maybe she see page and wannt to marry me, and i 
you go here see other sites pedo like and go to them becuse;h I Sarah nad a see where you can find some so click on picture and see my links to where you.


salam bar hameye hamvatanan ÇÍÕá Úáì ÓßÑÈÊ ÊÇíÊäß ÇáÇÕÏÇÑ ÇáËÇäí ÌãíÚ ÇæÇãÑ ÇáÏá äÊ ÍãÇíå ãä ÇáäíæßÇÊ æÓßÑÇãÈá æÔÚÑ æÎÇáí ãä ãáÝÇÊ ÇáÊÌÓÓ æÇáÝíÑæÓÇÊ